How To Restore Pool Cover Specialists

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Lean to style Pool Enclosures

Lean-to style enclosures can make a lot of sense. The alternative orientation can make a tight spot into an attractive addition to your home. Running a pool and/or patio parallel to the building face can keep everything attractively closer and with a lean-to style enclosure accommodate all that you want.

Each pool enclosure patio enclosure system installation is unique and custom designed to suit the client’s design requirements and site conditions. Practically anything is possible. Spans of up to 40 feet or more can be accommodated while maintaining the structural capacity required for the heaviest of snowloads. Engineering excellence in design and manufacturing create beautiful enclosures, tough enough to stand up to all that Mother Nature can throw at them.

The roof profiles for these lean-to style structures can be a straightforward, gable style or more complex gambrel style with two slopes, allowing for easier release of heavy winter snow.

Telescopic Lean-To Pool Enclosure

Operable retractable pool enclosures with tracks mounted along the exterior vertical wall of a house or building at any height requires engineering expertise and construction experience. This talent and design combination results in unprecedented architectural aesthetics in structural fit, form and function. No worries about having health feet injured from the track. The patented electric drive system automatically opens these enclosures at approximately 20 feet per minute. Operating on standard household current, there is no need for costly upgrades to services and the system is designed with efficiency and safety as primary considerations.

If a fixed structure is preferred Lean-To Pool Enclosurescan be designed and built with any number of windows and doors. Incorporating flyscreens will keep pesky insects out during their worst seasons of the year. From a long walk or walkabout you can jump right into the pool anytime of year.

These lightweight architectural swimming pool enclosures will allow extended use of the covered area as well. Three seasons is the usual terminology used to describe the benefit. Solar heat gain naturally keeps the covered area warmer in spring and fall. Adding supplementary heating to the area turns the covered area into a virtual winter playground. Imagine sitting beside your pool, barefoot on the warm deck (no foot wear), with a towel on your shoulder watching the family and friends enjoying the best times of the winter – in the pool. It’s almost tropical. Its health.

Engineering and art come together with these retractable enclosures built to last. Hurricane force winds and the heaviest of snowloads are easily handled without any difficulty by these systems.


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